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Certified Hosting has spared no expense in selecting and connecting to backbone providers. Currently with six different backbone providers with connections no less than 1,000Mbps to each, Certified Hosting has propelled itself to the top of the web hosting industry.

In Certified Hosting's downtown Atlanta location, we have access to two of the critical telco meeting points (POP) in the Eastern United States and has data centers in both of the buildings that houses these POPs.A major nemesis of networks is a simple backhoe. In consideration of that, Certified Hosting has gone to great pains to diversify its internal fiber connections. Fiber between the two buildings runs down two opposite corners and through two separate pipes under the street.Also redundant are the routers and switches that make up the backbone of Certified Hosting' snetwork. There is NO single point of failure in the network.

Certified Hosting uses a combination of Cisco and Foundry products to support the network.

Professional, well-developed data center

  • Raised flooring
  • Double-lock security + independent building security + key-card access to all areas
  • Independent cooling system with building back-up
  • Waterless fire suppresion system

Without power, nothing works! Therefore, Certified Hosting has gone to great lengths to back up all power systems. Present in the data centers are battery systems capable of running all the equipment for over two hours. In the event of a power outage, Certified Hosting has two separate power connections to generators on the top floor and basement of the buildings. The generators start up within ten seconds of an outage if the power has not been restored.

No costs are cut in the acquisition of hardware. All servers have top-of-the-line parts and adequate cooling

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